Want a career that makes a difference? Explore social enterprise, government, and consulting jobs

We're all part of the social-impact puzzle. / Photo credit: xjrshimada, Shutterstock
We’re all part of the social-impact puzzle. / Photo credit: xjrshimada, Shutterstock

Today we’re taking some time to highlight opportunities that don’t fall into our nonprofit sector, but that help the world all the same! We have about 500 jobs currently posted by social enterprises, government agencies, and organizations that serve nonprofits. See if any of the highlights below catch your career-searching eye!

Social Enterprises

  • Perhaps your strengths lie in operations instead? Sitwayen Development Group works to strengthen Haiti’s economy by developing successful companies and contributing their profits towards the Haitian housing market; they’re looking for an operations officer to join the team in Florida.

Government Agencies

Social enterprises aren’t the only non-nonprofits that serve the community; we have plenty of government agencies looking to hire do-gooders as well.

  • Moving away from general management and programing, you might be interested in work that focuses more on interactions. The D.C. Office of Human Rights is hiring a mediator to work with people facing discrimination in everything from employment to housing.
  • Over in Virginia, Child Thrive! is hiring AmeriCorps members to work with families, schools, volunteers, and social services in order to ensure child and family wellbeing.

Serving Nonprofits

Yet another way to get involved in working with nonprofits is to work for an organization that advocates for them.

  • Arabella Philanthropic Investment Advisors, for example, is a consulting firm that helps individuals, institutions, and corporations make philanthropic decisions. They’re currently hiring for four different positions in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Washington D.C. –check them out if you’re interested in consulting!
  • Still sighing and hoping for that perfect fit? We have many more fundraising, project management, and communications positions available with the organizations on our site that are working hard for the nonprofit sector.

Keep on searching and keep your head up as you continue your journey toward that awesome job!

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