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4 Organizations that Support Students and Classrooms in Need

school supplies on a table

October is here, which means kids are getting back into the swing of the school year. For many students, a new school year means stocking up on necessary supplies like pencils, boxes of crayons, and brand new gym shoes. This fresh gear may inspire innovation and ideas in the next generation of thinkers. But for […]

In the Office

Using Check-In Questions to Build Trust

people in a meeting

Many of us live in a world where meetings reign supreme. Constant meetings can seem like overkill—but, when done well, these convenings offer important opportunities for colleagues to exchange ideas, facilitate discussion, share updates, and make decisions.  Enter the power of the check-in question. Experts assert that team-building (the practice of building connection and trust […]

In the Office

The Value of Keeping in Contact


We’ve probably all experienced this moment in the interview process: you’re asked to provide references, and you have to track down the latest contact information for an old supervisor. You draft an email letting them know that someone may be calling them soon, and provide an update on what you’ve been doing in the five […]

Career Planning

Development, Fundraising, and Marketing | What’s the Difference?

woman working on computer

If you’ve spent any length of time in the nonprofit world, you’ve almost certainly heard the terms “development,” “fundraising,” and “marketing.” You probably know each job has to do with raising money and awareness. But while some people use the terms interchangeably, these are three distinct specialties—each of which plays an essential role in organizational […]