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While we may not all be leaders in the sense that we’re managing a team or running an organization, we all possess certain habits and instincts when we’re presented with an opportunity to lead, be it as a project manager, a volunteer, a parent or friend, or a proactive voice within an organization. So, when you find yourself in those situations, how do you handle the responsibilities and the pressures? What types of leadership styles make up your identity and attitude as a leader?

Take this quiz to understand more about your leadership leanings, and to learn how to call on a variety of styles in order to become a more impactful leader, no matter where you lead or who you’re leading.

When giving direction to a team, your go-to philosophy can be summed up with which of the following:

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If you’d like to read more about leadership in the social-impact space, explore our resources to learn more about honing your leadership skills.

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    I’m currently looking for a this and came across this i find it really useful information here … thanks for that and let us keep upating us .Thank you.

      • Alexis Perrotta
      • January 16, 2018

      So glad this is helpful, Nisha! Please feel free to let us know what other resources and advice you’d like to see here on Idealist Careers.

    • Ashley Slupski
    • January 19, 2018

    Very useful. We recently grew our team and I think this is a great time to reflect on our leadership styles and communication styles. As a communications team, we collaborate often and it’s great to share strengths and preferences at this early stage.

      • Alexis Perrotta
      • January 19, 2018

      Hi Ashley! So happy to hear this quiz has been a resource. We’d love to know if this results in any next-steps (leadership training, discussions, team building, etc.). Thanks again!

    • Tahlese Wright
    • February 19, 2019

    Loved this quiz and the resources provided by the website! Is there a list of the leadership style outcomes of the quiz I could use for training purposes?

    • Peter
    • May 10, 2019

    Very helpful I must say, I am an online tutor and taking this quiz helped me to deliver my services to my client. Thank you

      • Alexis Perrotta
      • May 10, 2019

      That’s great to hear, Peter! If there are other quizzes or resources you’re looking for, do let us know :).

    • islam aziz
    • June 1, 2019

    Thanks it wa really useful ..

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