Take Our Quiz | So, How Was the Meeting? (According to Oprah)

For most of us, meetings are a normal—if not always a favorite—part of our day-to-day life at the office. Launching a project? Debriefing after an event? Getting to know your new team? Reflecting on last quarter? Sounds like it’s time for a meeting!

While we’ve all sat through meetings that inspired us, as well as meetings that left us feeling, well, less-than-inspired, it’s not always completely clear how to celebrate the win (or pick up the pieces) and move forward. So we thought, who better to help you process how that meeting really went than Oprah?

Let’s go.

Prior to the meeting ...

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    • Silvana
    • April 1, 2019

    I have almost 50 years of experience working in different kind of companies and i learn a lot.
    Your emails are very good tool and easy to read and the info is amazing!!!

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