Roundup: Fall Nonprofit Internships!

The first day of summer was June 20th, but that shouldn’t stop determined Idealists from looking for the perfect fall internship! There are already many internships posted on Idealist by organizations looking for fall interns, and as summer goes on, there will be more each week. Get a jump by starting your search now!

Looking for experience in film? Check out this fall internship with the Malala Fund in Santa Monica, and get some interesting experience working for a documentary!

New York City is considered a hub of internship opportunities, and you can almost always find an interesting or useful internship in the Big Apple.

Current students in NYC (undergraduate and graduate) studying social science should consider applying for this internship with 32BJ Training Fund, which requires the applicant to be bilingual in English and Spanish. (Note: apply on or before July 5th to be considered!)

For a wide variety of different internship responsibilities, check out one of the many internships that Doctors Without Borders is currently offering in New York (see list on the left side). There are Web, Video, Social Media, Public Relations, and many more focus areas available!

Outside of Boston, in Quincy, Interfaith Social Services has two fall internships active on Idealist, one for work in local food pantry, the other as a communications intern.

Next Generation Ministries, located in the heart of Philadelphia, has several internship opportunities active on the site right now, including a web development internship for future developers.

Finally, don’t forget to check out Washington, D.C. for high quality internships. For starters, if you want some experience in Social Media and Development/Fundraising, Evermore is seeking a fall intern.

It’s never too early to start searching for your next opportunity! In between trips to the beach and eating ice cream, take a few minutes to search Idealist for internships this summer!

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