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Photo credit: cobalt123, Creative Commons, Flickr

Photo credit: cobalt123, Creative Commons, Flickr

Preceded by Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras, you may have forgotten to celebrate the UN-sponsored World Day of Social Justice on February 20th. Don’t despair! Social justice is a lifetime passion, and if you’re looking for a job, internship, or volunteer opportunity in the field, Idealist has you covered. Once you recover from your chocolate-induced hangover and throw out your purple beads, check out the postings below and get your resume out there!


Looking to travel and improve the lives of young people? Save the Children currently has eighteen jobs listed on Idealist. Apply for positions in London, Vietnam, Sudan, Yemen, Haiti, Senegal, Bangladesh, or Afghanistan. If those places don’t appeal to the globetrotter in you, the One Acre Fund has twenty-eight jobs posted around the world, from India to Rwanda.

Of course, international nonprofits with dozens of job postings aren’t the only organizations fighting for social justice. There are many smaller entities searching for employees, like SKIP in Trujillo, Peru, which needs a Primary Education Coordinator to develop a curriculum and work on education reform.

If you’re not ready to get your passport stamped yet, no worries! There are plenty of social justice jobs available in the United States. On the East Coast, the Hunger Project in NYC needs a Grant Officer, a Senior Microfinance Officer, and a Program Associate while the ONE Campaign in DC has five positions open. To the west, LIFT-Chicago would like a Site Coordinator to help community members achieve economic stability, while Share Our Strength is looking for an Outreach Manager in Denver to help fight hunger and poverty across the United States.


Not ready for a job? No worries, Idealist has thousands of internships related to social justice. For those interested in agriculture and improving peanut processing capabilities, Meds & Food for Kids has the perfect fellowship in Haiti. If that’s a little too specific for you, WaterSHED in Cambodia has an internship in Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality.

You can always stick with good a good ol’ fashioned New York City internship with the Global Health Corps. They are seeking multiple interns for their spring program, and have a few jobs posted as well. In Boston, Opportunity Nation seeks to expand economic opportunity for all Americans, and they need a summer intern to help them out.

Volunteer Opportunities

Finally, there is always a plethora of volunteer opportunities on our site. Stop Hunger Now in Minneapolis needs 1,000 volunteers to package over 1,000,000 meals this weekend, while Habitat for Humanity in Baltimore is only in the market for one volunteer for their ReStore. Mi Casa Resource Center in Denver needs a Career Coach, while Hearts and Hands of Indiana could use an Outreach Associate.

Hopefully one of these opportunities caught your eye, but if not, consider this: almost every posting mentioned here was created in the past twenty-four hours. So search for what you’re interested in and see what’s out there!

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