Spotlight: Job and volunteer opportunities in disaster relief

Photo credit: marekuliasz, Shutterstock
Photo credit: marekuliasz, Shutterstock

The organizations on address some of the world’s biggest issues and work every day to fight the world’s toughest problems. They fight poverty, hunger, and homelessness. They advocate for human rights, education, and public health. And they build communities, support the arts, and preserve our histories.

But some organizations make it their mission to address issues that haven’t happened yet. Disaster relief organizations work tirelessly to expect the unexpected. These organizations have unique needs and require some special kinds of people to help them out.

  • When disaster strikes, The American Red Cross headquarters in Washington, DC needs to rapidly deploy a fundraising plan that will dramatically increase their funding extremely quickly. They roll out about 30 campaigns like this every year, and they need an experienced and adaptable Senior Officer, Disaster Fundraising to help make it happen.
  • The World Cares Center was founded in the aftermath of 9/11, and took on a new kind of disaster relief after Hurricane Sandy. Long Island is still recovering recent devastating storms, and they still need volunteers to help rebuild homes and canvass to spread information about resources for survivors. They’re also hiring a couple of AmeriCorps VISTA positions to work on long term recovery.

And sometimes brand new organizations arise out of catastrophic tragedies. Check out this inspiring story of a nonprofit born in the kitchen of someone who just wanted to help.

And if you’re thinking about volunteering in disaster relief, be sure to check out our resources.


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