Find Out What It Takes To Start A Nonprofit With Maggie Doyne

Wondering what it takes to start a nonprofit?

Join us tomorrow, June 30th at 10AM EST for a Twitter chat with Maggie Doyne founder of BlinkNow (@BlinkNow). BlinkNow is a nonprofit foundation in Nepal focused on building community through caring for children, education, healthcare, empowerment, and sustainability. Follow along using the hashtag #IdealistCareers.

Through BlinkNow, Maggie and her team have started a school, created both a children’s home and a women’s center, as well as founded a health clinic. If you want to learn more about Maggie and her journey before joining us tomorrow then check out this article in The New York Times.

The questions we have planned will be focused on Maggie and her team’s journey of starting a nonprofit organization from conception to execution, but please bring any questions you have for which you would like to hear her answer.

See you then!

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