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Ask Cynthia: How do I tell my family I want to leave my stable career?

“My family thinks I’m crazy to be thinking about leaving a stable job in a successful company for something new and unknown. What can I say to them?”


Introducing… a New Column for Mid-Career Job Seekers!


Cynthia’s articles will focus on the “big questions” that come up when you’re thinking about transitioning to the nonprofit sector or social impact space… but that you may never have been comfortable asking out loud! These vignettes will tell the stories of job seekers like you and give you a glimpse into their worries and concerns, while revealing at-the-moment advice and insights you can use today.


Ask Victoria | Sector Switching and Heading the Call to Service

dream job direction

Today’s Ask Victoria comes from a job seeker frustrated in his sales career who wants to make the switch to the nonprofit sector:
“Sparing you too much detail, I spent the next several years in the wine business, mostly in sales and management. Talk about playing the game. I am done with this industry. I have always felt my true calling was service and am now ready to heed that calling.”


Community Question: What’s the worst career advice you’ve ever received?

We try to give you good job and career advice here at Idealist Careers. And we also try to warn you against bad advice. On the Fast Track blog by Intuit QuickBase earlier this month, Alison Green asked readers for the worst career advice they ever received—and they delivered. Check out their stories of writing […]