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Ask Alexis | Can I Work in the Nonprofit Sector Without a College Degree?


Dear Ask Alexis, How can I move into nonprofits without a college degree? I have owned small businesses all my life and recently closed a business I owned for 29 years. Any thoughts? Best,Looking for a Way *** Dear Looking for a Way, Thanks for your question, and I’m sorry to hear you’re having a […]


Ask Alexis | Can I Ask What I Need to Land the Job?


Dear Ask Alexis, I’m looking at a posting for a job I would enjoy but don’t qualify for. I’m not in the same field, but some of my background is related and I’d be willing to pick up more education or experience if it’s needed. Would it be appropriate to ask the employer what I […]


Ask Alexis | Can I Turn “Other Duties as Assigned” into my Main Focus?

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Dear Ask Alexis, Recently, one of my “other duties as assigned” became assisting with our organization’s social media. I find searching for content interesting and exciting. I like having a say in our agency’s voice and helping to build our online presence. I enjoy engaging with our stakeholders on platforms other than email. Yet that […]


Ask Alexis | Help! How Do I Address These Sticky Interview Questions?


Dear Ask Alexis, I am a teacher. I have been a teacher for over 30 years. But I haven’t taught in the same school or district (save casual substitute teaching) for more than one year. Do you happen to have any advice as to how to answer this question during interviews? Also, should I address […]