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Ask Alexis | My Previous Supervisor Never Offered Critical Feedback

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Dear Ask Alexis, I was reviewing your article on Interview Q&A | “What are Your Greatest Professional Strengths and Weaknesses?”. I found it very good, and my basic response is that my weakness is that I never completely learned a second language but I’m using software and online resources to brush up, or the same […]


Ask Alexis | I Keep Submitting My Resume, but I Rarely Hear Back

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Dear Alexis, As a nonprofit professional, I have to admit, I’m feeling frustrated. I am proactive in my search to the point of it actually feeling like a part-time job, but I’m tired of sending resumes and time consuming cover letters to employers who may not even read them. And those who do read each resume […]


Ask Alexis | Exploring Career Options After 50

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Dear Ask Alexis, What are some creative ways that a person who is still looking for the right career after 50 can go about exploring career options? Looking forward to your reply! Starting Fresh at 50 *** Dear Starting Fresh at 50, What an exciting time! There are honestly so many ways to go about this […]


Ask Alexis | How Do I Balance My Passion and My Paycheck?

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Dear Ask Alexis, I’ve had trouble working in areas I’m most interested in, mainly because of a lack of opportunity and not knowing anyone in the field. This has forced me to take jobs just for a check. Now I’ve accumulated skills I don’t like, and I want to look for different areas of work. […]