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Ask Alexis | Should I Go Back to School?

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Dear Ask Alexis, I’ve recently stumbled across Idealist and your column in general. I’ve been out of school for about a year and a half but am having trouble landing the full-time gig. My degree is in sociology and I know I want to work in social services with kids specifically, but the problem I […]


Ask Alexis | How Can I Find Remote Opportunities in the Nonprofit Sector?

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Dear Ask Alexis, I stumbled across this page searching for nonprofits that I could work for, possibly from home with travel from time to time. I just moved to Port Arthur, TX from West Palm Beach, FL. I studied Global Health and would love to do something more in that field. For example, I taught […]


Ask Alexis | Is it Okay to Ask for Feedback After An Interview?

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Dear Ask Alexis, I’m wondering if it’s okay to request interview feedback from an employer who didn’t hire me. I’d really love to know a few more specifics of what wasn’t a fit so that I can work on it in the future, but I’m not sure how to ask or whether I’ll hear back […]


Ask Alexis | My Previous Supervisor Never Offered Critical Feedback

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Dear Ask Alexis, I was reviewing your article on Interview Q&A | “What are Your Greatest Professional Strengths and Weaknesses?”. I found it very good, and my basic response is that my weakness is that I never completely learned a second language but I’m using software and online resources to brush up, or the same […]