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Idealist Careers Welcomes New Leadership

I was no stranger to Idealist before I started working here in October 2014. At my first “serious” full-time job more than 13 years earlier (in the career center at a private liberal arts college in New York), my manager and mentor introduced me to this fantastic resource for locating jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. […]


Ask Victoria | How to Address A Negative Job Experience on an Interview

Man sitting at office desk

In this edition of Ask Victoria, Victoria advises a reader addressing a negative job experience with a previous employer when interviewing for a new job.


Job Seeker Challenges | Then and Now

No matter how long you’ve been job searching, these are some of the challenges you may have been facing. Here’s how you can deal with them.


Ask Victoria | How Do I Network When Everyone Knows Everyone in My Town?

How do you keep your job search confidential when you in a small city where everyone knows each other? .