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4 New Year’s Resolutions for the Social-Impact Job Seeker


Experts say one of the top reasons why New Year’s resolutions don’t last long is because people tend to try for too big a change right away. No pointing fingers here, but maybe this sounds familiar: Someone resolves to get more exercise and goes from never working out to signing up for a fitness bootcamp […]


7 Tips to Up Your Digital Networking Game

People on couch with computers

I’ve got good news, bad news, and some fairly obvious news. Let’s start with the obvious: Networking can be exhausting! Moving on to the not-so-great: You still need to do it. Finally, the good: Below, you’ll find some totally manageable tips for keeping your digital networking game in tip-top shape. Hooray! Digital Networking Tip #1: […]


Webinar: Personal Branding For Job-Seekers

Join Idealist Careers for a fun, dynamic personal branding webinar next week, presented by Courtney Young-Law, CEO of Fundamentum! If you’ve been hearing the buzz about using your personal brand in your job search but are unsure how to implement the strategy, you won’t want to miss this! On Tuesday, October 20th at 1pm EST, […]


Authentic Networking: How to activate and strengthen your network

This is the last part of our weeklong series on networking. See all of the posts in this series. In this series, we’ve talked about how to identify who’s in your network and how to grow your network, formally and informally. In our last post, we want to share tips on how to engage your […]