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The 4 Kinds of Experience You Need on Your Resume

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Job postings by social-impact employers often come with a big list of must-have skills. After all, these employers are looking for people who can solve some pretty tough challenges. But other than soft skills, what kind of experience and technical expertise will get you noticed by social-impact employers? Relevant project experience This is probably one of […]


5 Ways to Boost Your Resume’s Exposure

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You want your resume to make an impact on the reader. You want the recruiter to read it and be blown away by your levels of experience and skills, and to want to find out more about you. But how do you make your resume work for you like that, highlighting the differences between you […]


5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Summer

There are countless opportunities to use your time for personal and professional pursuits that are productive yet don’t compromise all your fun time.