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The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Manage Up

Like a Boss Mug

As the phrase “managing up” has risen in popularity in recent years, it’s taken on a slew of definitions. Here’s a primer on the right (and wrong) ways to manage up. What is managing up? Most career experts agree that managing up is a method of career development based on consciously working for the mutual […]


Stop Repeating the Same Career Mistake

Woman drops ice cream

Groundhog Day is here and in honor of our favorite fictional weatherman, Phil Connors, we asked you to share stories of career mistakes that feel as though they’re happening on a loop, as well as your sage advice on how to avoid common and not-so-common professional pitfalls. Here are some first-hand-accounts and tips from anonymous […]


Finding Your A-Ha! Moment During an International Volunteering Trip

Jamie Jenks’ bucket list has taken her to Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, and Thailand. This article outlines our conversation, filled with inspiration, reflections about oneself, and a rumination on what an “epiphany” really is and how to identify one when it comes in a way that you might not expect.


6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Applying to a Fellowship

Here are six questions to ask yourself when determining whether a fellowship is the right opportunity for you.