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Want to Be More Decisive in Your Career? Accept Uncertainty

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Whether you’re deliberating a move to a new organization or just a new position with the same employer, at some point in your career you’re going to have some important decisions to make. And whenever that time comes, if you struggle to feel confident in your decision making, there is a way to set yourself […]


How to Translate Raw Emotion into Fuel for Social Impact

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While analyses and pros-and-cons lists offer useful and practical insight into career selection, there’s another avenue that you may want to explore. Consider where you have strong emotion at both ends of the spectrum: from anger to joy. Reflecting on what stirs your emotions can offer you insight on your potential professional direction. Once you […]


This One Question Will Offer Career Clarity

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Like most nonprofit professionals, my nonprofit career is rooted in a deep desire to help people and solve problems. But when I began my job search, I found that “an interest in helping people” was somewhat vague for a cover letter. Deep down though, I knew I was meant for a career that involved impact—not […]


How To Manage the Job Search Waiting Game: One Idealist’s Perspective

Of course I said, “Yes. Yes I am currently seeking employment.” That very response led to my current place of employment. Soon enough I would find myself in an interview, then another, and then signing hiring papers as an official employee.