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Stop Repeating the Same Career Mistake

Woman drops ice cream

Groundhog Day is here and in honor of our favorite fictional weatherman, Phil Connors, we asked you to share stories of career mistakes that feel as though they’re happening on a loop, as well as your sage advice on how to avoid common and not-so-common professional pitfalls. Here are some first-hand-accounts and tips from anonymous […]


Social Impact of an Arts Organization: How One Idealist Does It

As an artist building a career both in the arts world and the nonprofit/social impact sphere, I was curious what other creative types do when they feel a similar need to pursue a life of artistry, advocacy, and community. During a performance opportunity I had this Spring, I routinely bumped into Joseph Hall, Deputy Director […]


Ask Victoria | I Want To Make My Resume Stand Out, But How?

Today we feature questions from three readers with actionable resources that they (and you!) can take to the job search. Read below for our take, and share your own advice and experiences in the comments section!


Building Community Through Education and Family

When I first interviewed Nicholas Midler, the young philanthropist who founded The Family Connection Kindercamp, I expected to learn how a high school teen was able to found a nonprofit and some of the work that the organization is doing. While the conversation did meet those expectations, something else unexpectedly jumped out at me – the […]