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Switching to the Nonprofit Sector? Here’s One Route You May Not Have Considered

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Prepping for a big professional shift this year? Perhaps you’re thinking of leaving your job, asking for a raise, or applying for a position in that new department they’re putting together. Maybe you’re even considering a sector switch from the for-profit space into the nonprofit sector. Pro tip: If you’re interested but unsure about whether […]


Trust Yourself: Your Inner Voice is Your Career Expert

As children, we depend on other people to keep us safe, comfortable, healthy, and well. For a time we don’t realize all the decisions being made on our behalf and that’s okay… until it’s not okay. As we grow, we become more independent and our interests develop more fully, but if we’re not careful, we […]


5 ways for-profit professionals can land a job at a nonprofit

Friends and colleagues always ask – How did you do it? How did you go from technology company to NGO executive? The truth is I applied for the job like any other, however, in hindsight I had been laying the groundwork of a career change to the social sector for more than five years.