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From Private to Nonprofit | Inside the Culture Shift, Part 2

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This article, the second in a series on sector-switching, covers strategies you can use to set priorities and balance competing demands in your new nonprofit position. Here’s why and how priority-setting might look a bit different at nonprofits.


One Thing I Wish I Knew Before … Transitioning to the Nonprofit Sector

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These days, there is plenty of talk in the nonprofit sector about mentorship, personal advisory boards, and professional development. But at Idealist Careers, we understand that not everyone has access to a cracker jack team of career cheerleaders and sadly, many of us have to navigate our professional path without our own social-impact Yoda. So […]


9 Myths About Working in the Social-Impact Space

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Many of us in the social-impact space have found ourselves in a situation where, when we’re asked what we do for a living, we respond with something simple like, “I work at a nonprofit.” Oftentimes, as nonprofit professionals, we feel the need to talk about our work in the most basic way possible, especially in […]


Podcast | Get the Experience You Need to Switch Careers

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I recently had the pleasure of sharing tips and resources from Idealist Careers, as well as my own expertise, with Mac Prichard and team of Mac’s List. Mac’s List is a Portland-based resource for helping passionate, creative professionals learn how to find meaningful and rewarding work in Portland, Oregon, and Washington. Here’s a peek at […]