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Speaking for Everyone | A Guide to Inclusive Language in the Workplace

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So much of our everyday language excludes different backgrounds, genders, and abilities. While this is oftentimes unconscious and unintentional, some commonly used words and phrases can read as male- or cisgendered-centric, while others can reinforce negative stereotypes about mental health, physical ability, or nontraditional family structures. It’s time for our workplaces to embrace a new, […]


Use This Strategy to Change the Way You Communicate at Work

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Poor communication is often at the root of interpersonal conflict. It’s easy to misinterpret tone, skip out on answering an email, or interrupt a colleague during the morning meeting without realizing. And whether it’s talking to your partner at home or speaking up to a supervisor in the office, saying what we mean—and what we […]


How to Stop Saying “Sorry” and Start Feeling More Empowered

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Owning up to your slip-ups at work is important, but there’s a difference between apologizing when it’s appropriate and developing a pattern of over-apologizing. If you find yourself with an “I’m sorry” habit that you’d like to minimize or get rid of altogether, here are a few ideas to help you carefully choose your words […]


4 Soft Skills to Get You Noticed on the Job Search

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If you’re applying for jobs in the social-impact space, you’ve likely already noticed that there is a tremendous diversity of opportunities. As you browse all of the options, it’s worthwhile to consider not only which technical skills you’ll need to land your dream job, but also, which soft skills are most valued by employers in […]