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Afraid to Talk About Sensitive Topics at Work? Read This Guide First

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Imagine this: you are at a meeting where some colleagues are beginning to talk about a sensitive topic, such as race and racism in higher education. You know that there is a possibility of accidentally offending someone with your thoughts, so you decide it is better to stay silent— even though you have insights and […]


4 Signs Your Workplace Relationships Could be in Trouble

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John and Julia Gottman are best known for their groundbreaking work as couples therapists. Their keen dynamic listening skills predict a pair’s likelihood at longevity or divorce with 94 percent accuracy. This is thanks in part to their identification of the so-called “Four Horsemen” of the (relationship) apocalypse—four factors that can disrupt and destroy romantic […]


Use this Framework for Your Best Presentations Yet

man giving presentation in office

Think about the best presentations, workshops, or trainings you’ve attended—the ones that gave you new ideas, made you feel empowered or inspired, or pushed you to implement something new in the office. None of that happened by accident. The person leading the session probably thought carefully about their goals and desired outcomes for the session. […]


Say My Name | Why Pronouncing Names Correctly is Important

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Most people would agree that names matter. At the most basic level, they serve as important identifiers. We introduce ourselves with them. We even choose new ones because they are more aligned with our identities.  Given their elemental importance, it should then follow that the pronunciation of names should also matter. And perhaps they do. […]