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Always Say Yes to Professional Development

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In the social-impact world, it can seem like you don’t have time for a trip the restroom, let alone the flexibility to schedule a webinar or attend a conference. But if you let the daily grind get in the way of professional development, you can easily find yourself stagnating in your career. So, next time […]


6 ways to make the most of a conference when you’re attending alone

Guys. Seriously, I have attended so many conferences alone. I’ve been to Las Vegas, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and even the Bahamas. Not to mention the countless New York-based events (I really have no idea how many). I’ve usually been covering these events and writing about them for whatever publication I was working for at […]


Your professional development opportunities for April

Ready to take your career to the next level? Here is a list of conferences, webinars, and other events happening in April


Start the year with these professional development opportunities

Yes, it’s cliche, but January is the perfect time for resolutions, goal-setting, and making plans to better yourself throughout the year.