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Live chat: Ready to join a nonprofit board? Chat with us to learn how

Joining the board of directors of a nonprofit is an exciting opportunity to gain new skills and grow your network, while helping an organization you are passionate about. However, it also comes with financial and legal responsibilities.


4 ways being a nonprofit board member can help your career

There is a range of roles that board members can play and plenty of opportunities for people to volunteer their time and talent to support an organization they love.


Could your family hold a clue that will help you discover your purpose?

Dan Blakemore spent 20 years researching his family’s history. He discovered that his great-great-great-great grandparents came over from Spain as brick masons, that a distant cousin was one of the first black members of the Ohio House of Representatives, and that one common theme stood out among almost all of his ancestors—a longstanding commitment to giving.