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Template Toolbox | 2 Email Templates for Networking

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When it comes to growing your network, learning about new organizations, and ultimately landing a dream job, you’ll likely rely on email to find opportunities. In the first post in this two-part series you’ll find two email templates that can help you meet new people and find job opportunities. Use these templates to take the […]


The One Time Being Late Worked In My Favor

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When I was living abroad and on the job hunt, I found my dream job on But the excitement was short-lived as I quickly scanned the post and discovered I had just missed the application deadline. I knew I was a good fit, and figured there had to be something I could do. So, […]


Template Toolbox | How to Ask a Friend for a Job Referral

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For job seekers, social-impact professionals, and volunteers, living in a world where building your digital network can be as easy—and as impersonal—as clicking a button, the lines between what’s appropriate networking behavior and what may be asking too much can be blurry. After finding a job on, for many of us, the natural next step […]


7 Tips to Up Your Digital Networking Game

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I’ve got good news, bad news, and some fairly obvious news. Let’s start with the obvious: Networking can be exhausting! Moving on to the not-so-great: You still need to do it. Finally, the good: Below, you’ll find some totally manageable tips for keeping your digital networking game in tip-top shape. Hooray! Digital Networking Tip #1: […]