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From employee to entrepreneur – 3 steps to building your plan

What if you’re ready to create or build something new that leverages your skills and passions and will leave a positive impact on the world around you?


Boost your bank account and career by cultivating side hustles

time money

With tax season wrapping up, money has been on my mind more than usual.  While I’m upfront that it was my passion for arts and culture, personal values, and the desire to give back—rather than the paycheck—that drove me to work in arts nonprofits, at the end of the day, I’ll tell you that I’d […]


Finding a mentor when you’re approaching the middle of your career

Many of the women I sought out as mentors in my early and mid-twenties, I now consider my colleagues. And I’ve noticed that I don’t need the same kind of hands-on mentoring I did before.


Want a successful year? Create strong career goals

To define achieve able goals you don’t have to give up your ambitions, but you do have to be strategic about them.