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Cook For Your Life | How Cooking and Cancer Inspired My Career Change

In the New York of the early 90s, I lost many of my friends to AIDS. I cooked and cared for one of them during the last six months of his life. It was an incredible experience that I am grateful for. It taught me two things: the value of service, and not to be […]


How can job seekers over 50 find their dream jobs?

Question from a reader: “I saw Kate Horner’s video. It was inspiring. Her suggestions seem good but I’m wondering how well they’ll work for someone who is 50+. Do older job seekers need a different approach?”


What would you give up for a career you love?

If you’re cruising Idealist, you’re obviously itching for new ways to have an impact in the world. Here’s an exercise that can help you identify things you’d give up for more meaningful work.


Redefining ambition in the second half of life

learning crossroads

Each month, Marci Alboher, a Vice President of—a nonprofit that helps people find meaningful careers in their second half of life—will share ideas and strategies for experienced job seekers. This is an excerpt from her book, The Encore Career Handbook. Many people in midlife and beyond have told me that they feel they have […]