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Using a Career Break to Your Advantage

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There are a lot of reasons why you may need to step away from your career for a while. Becoming a parent, looking after a relative, or dealing with health issues can all lead you to need a break from work. When you first decide to step away from the office, you may worry about […]


From employee to entrepreneur – 3 steps to building your plan

What should you do if you’re ready to create or build something new that leverages your skills and passions and will leave a positive impact on the world around you?


“I needed to make a living before I could make a difference”

Growing up, I played music in my church; in high school I joined week-long mission trips to rebuild homes; and in college I organized philanthropy events. But after becoming an entrepreneur, I found I had less time, less energy, and less financial means to volunteer.


How to be more entrepreneurial at work

Want to try a new idea or project at work? Instead of hoping for more resources and time, try thinking like an entrepreneur.