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Earth Day 2019 | Your Guide to Launching an Eco-Friendly Workplace Campaign


We can’t all work at the world’s most eco-friendly companies. But as we gear up for Earth Day on April 22, we can each take stock of the personal choices we make at work to reduce our ecological footprint and encourage our colleagues to be more eco-conscious as well. It all comes down to determining […]


From Idea to Action | Stephen Ritz on growing an organization, a community, and greens

Stephen Ritz, Green Bronx Machine

In May, a colleague of mine and I attended the ribbon cutting event for the National Health and Wellness Learning Center in the Bronx. This is the first center of its kind and is part of the Green Bronx Machine programming. Between attending the event, learning more about the Green Bronx Machine, and checking out […]


Unique Graduate Programs for Social Impact Careers

Looking to take the next step in your career and wishing you had a larger support network? Wondering whether your passion and interests translate into a degree? Here are a few unique graduate programs that will be represented at our New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington DC Idealist Grad Fairs. Whether you want to pursue grad […]


The Sierra Club wants to hire you (plus other great jobs protecting the environment)

There are currently thousands of listings created by close to 10,000 environmental organizations on the site, so there’s no shortage of opportunities out there. With our powers combined, we can do it!