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Why You Need a Personal Board of Directors


In this wild world of professional development, cover letters, advanced degrees, and interviews, it would be pretty nice to have your own little team of trusted experts ready to be your career sounding board when you need it, right? If this sounds good to you, then we’d suggest you consider organizing your own personal board […]


5 ways to find a mentor when you’re no longer an entry-level employee

I’ve noticed that finding a mentor is more challenging now than when I was just starting out in my career. Today, many of the women I sought out as mentors in my early and mid-twenties, I now consider my colleagues.


Looking for a mentor? Learn how to find one in our upcoming webinar

A mentor can offer guidance on next steps, introduce you to new opportunities, and help you expand your network. But how do you find a mentor?


3 emails you should send every week to take your career to the next level

Eric Barker outlines five emails to send each week or so that will make your life better. Three of them are related to work: one to your boss summarizing your accomplishments, one to a potential mentor, and one to an old friend or colleague to check in.