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Explore These Distinctions for Building a Career With Meaning

As many are apt to do on the eve of a new year, you may be reflecting on ways you can build your career in a more meaningful way. Doing so can be challenging, and not just the part where you have to find appropriate job vacancies. Before you start job hunting, it’s a good idea to know how you define “meaningful.”


The 2 + 1 rule for finding a mentor or sponsor

When it comes to our careers, we’re often encouraged to have mentors or sponsors…but what’s the best approach to finding a few people who will support you?


A leadership lesson from the CEO of the Red Cross

“Your job as a leader is to tap into the power of that higher purpose—and you can’t do it by retreating to the analytical. If you want to lead, have the courage to do it from the heart.”


Nonprofit cover letter advice from Harvard Business Review

Resume printed

Harvard Business Review shares two case studies on how to craft a killer cover letter.