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The Informational Interview | 4 Questions to Keep the Conversation Moving


There are plenty of good reasons to have an informational interview, but ensuring that your meeting helps you take productive next steps rather than simply being an interesting conversation and nothing more can be tricky. While you’ll want to prepare questions in advance to keep the interview moving along, the ways in which you plan […]


4 Reasons to Ask for Informational Interviews

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Whether you’re struggling to land an interview, you’re not quite sure about your next move, or even if you’re happy in your current role, in order to get ahead, you may want to consider getting a few informational interviews on the calendar. Incorporating these meetings into your career is like adding another valuable instrument to […]


4 Networking Tips for Non-networkers

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I have a confession: even though my role as a career coach has me talking frequently about the importance of networking, I do not love large networking events. You know the ones where you walk into a loud happy hour and have the urge to walk right back out? I have, in fact, walked into one […]


Why you should go on informational interviews even if you’re not job hunting

Informational interviews are a great way to explore new fields and build your network if you’re looking to change jobs or careers. But what if you’re not job hunting?