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Ask Alexis | My Previous Supervisor Never Offered Critical Feedback

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Dear Ask Alexis, I was reviewing your article on Interview Q&A | “What are Your Greatest Professional Strengths and Weaknesses?”. I found it very good, and my basic response is that my weakness is that I never completely learned a second language but I’m using software and online resources to brush up, or the same […]


Back to the Workforce After a Career Break?

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If you’re looking to jump back into the job search after a career break, it’s likely that you are dealing with some jitters. You may have taken a break for a variety of reasons, or even a combination of a few. Perhaps you decided to start a family, had to address personal health concerns, or were […]


Want to Appear Confident? Stop Doing These 3 Things

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Stand up tall. Give a firm handshake. Maintain eye contact. These are age-old tips given to job seekers in order to appear more confident. While it’s not bad advice, poor posture isn’t the only thing that can have a negative effect on first impressions. New research from Fairygodboss found that 41% of hiring professionals list […]


4 Common Interview Missteps and Their Fixes

Interview Misstep

You just left a first-round job interview and you can’t shake the feeling that you didn’t rock their proverbial world. We’ve all been there, and lucky for you, I’m here for a quick post-mortem. Of course, it’s possible that you nailed it and you’re overthinking it. But just in case, I’ve taken the liberty of […]