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Tips For Staying Cool and Confident During Your Summer Job Search

While keeping your confidence up throughout your job search can be challenging, is also essential to your success! If you’re not feeling good about yourself, it’s likely that you will have more difficulty in presenting yourself as a strong candidate to an employer during your interview.


4 Questions to Ask During Your Next Job Interview

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You’ve answered all the questions with ease and remembered to talk about your skills and experience. And then comes that final moment in every job interview. “Do you have any questions for us?” Whether it’s your first interview or you’ve been in your field for a decade, this can be a challenging question to answer. […]


Acing Your Nonprofit Phone Interview

Navigating your way through any interview is a stressful event but make it a phone interview for a non-profit and it’s a double whammy. So to prepare yourself and ensure you are ready for your phone interview, follow these tips.


How to Master Your Video or Phone Interview

Phone and video interviews are very similar, and many initial screenings with potential applicants help ensure the employer that they want to take the next step and schedule an in-person interview. It’s a way for organizations to save time and money, and weed out potential applicants that are simply not a good fit for the job.