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3 Ways to Land the Job Even If You Lack Some Qualifications

I'm a Winner

In my last post, I discussed how to determine whether it’s a lack of qualifications or confidence that’s holding you back from applying for a position that sparked your interest. If you determine that it’s a confidence issue or perhaps, that some of the qualifications you lack may be flexible, use these tips to land the job. Land the Job Tip […]


Gimme the Dirt: Ask These 4 Questions to Find out What it’s Really Like to Work Somewhere

What you really might want to ask is, “Could you just be honest and open and tell me what it’s really like to work here?


Idealist Careers Halloween Edition: 4 Ways To Tackle Fear In Your Career

If you’ve been exercising your fight-or-flight response with all the haunted houses, guts and gore, and psychological thrillers of the season, you’re bound to love our Halloween-themed video, which we created with our job seekers in mind.


5 Ways You Can Calm Your Frustration When You Don’t Hear Back After an Interview

If anyone knows how to cope with a constant stream of rejection, it’s me. But don’t get me wrong – this isn’t a letter of complaint. I’m writing this to help you deal with those times when you’ve been so close to landing the job you’ve always wanted, but haven’t been selected.