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How Extroverts Can Make Space for Introverts at Work

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In a society and culture that arguably privileges extroversion, it can be challenging to be an introvert in the workplace. But thanks in part to Susan Cain’s best-selling book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, there seems to be a greater societal desire to understand introverted people.  Introverts are […]


5 Ways to Excel in the Meeting Room as an Introvert

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While employers and society as a whole don’t always recognize the strengths of the introverts among us, our more-quiet counterparts often bring more to the table that what may initially meet the eye. Oftentimes more reserved and less likely to get involved in the acrobatics of social climbing, introverts have been proven to be better […]


How to Make an Impact as an Introvert

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If you identify as an introvert, you probably know all too well what it’s like to be on the receiving end of this comment: “You’re just too quiet.” For many, this isn’t an easy bit of feedback to stomach, and it can be a challenge to navigate the job search when you have to contend […]


Jobs Roundup: Jobs for Introverts!

This week’s jobs roundup is for all the introverts who want to make a difference in their world, but find work dependent on everyday interactions with people energetically draining. Moreover, you might even find the job search process daunting as it requires more reaching out, networking, and self-promotion than you may be comfortable with. There […]