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5 Self-Care Strategies for Care Professionals

People who are motivated to actively seek out opportunities in the social impact sector are those who feel a need to make a difference in their world. This often means pursuing roles that involve being in the service of, or caring for, others. Care professionals are those who are in roles that involve direct interactions […]


Career Spotlight: Teaching at the Intersection of a Research and Action Partnership

When Jacqueline Kling was picturing her future during her graduate school studies, she had thought she would spend the vast majority of her time performing and touring as a professional dancer. After completing her MFA, she began to reevaluate her interests and began to expand her view of what it meant to be a professional, […]


Jacqueline Kling on Navigating Passion, Time Management, and Burnout

Sometimes following your passion places you at risk for burnout. When something sparks your interest and you feel the drive to act on it, it may be difficult to know when (or how) to pull back. In today’s career landscape, it is common to have multiple commitments and diverse interests and the relationship between passion, […]