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Ask Alexis | Help! How Do I Address These Sticky Interview Questions?


Dear Ask Alexis, I am a teacher. I have been a teacher for over 30 years. But I haven’t taught in the same school or district (save casual substitute teaching) for more than one year. Do you happen to have any advice as to how to answer this question during interviews? Also, should I address […]


Podcast | How to Explain a Short-Term Job Stint, with Alexis Perrotta


Idealist Careers’ own Alexis Perrotta joined Bossed Up podcast host Emelie Aries to give advice on how to address that short-term job stint when you’re interviewing for your next social-impact opportunity. Bossed Up offers career and personal development resources to empower women in the workplace and beyond. On this edition of the Bossed Up podcast, […]


The Job Hopping Cure | Settle Without Settling

With the wrong approach, jumping from job to job can perpetuate a vicious, and often painful cycle that isn’t doing your long-term career goals any favors. If you’re not making any tangible professional progress and feel trapped in a lateral job trajectory, it may be time to reexamine your job hopping habits. Here are a […]


Your Number One Job Hopping Question Answered | Is It Okay?

Red sneakers jumping

What does it mean to a hiring manager if they need a GPS to track your career? If you’ve given in to wanderlust more than once, and are prone to relocation, it’s likely your work history reflects these serial scene changes and you’re a job hopper. Fear not! You’re in good company. It’s so hot […]