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Job Search Jitters? Tips for Recognizing and Coping with Anxiety

Years ago, in his research on learning and socialization, Edward Schein, now Professor Emeritus at the MIT Sloan School of Management, made an important distinction between two kinds of anxiety: “learning anxiety” and “survival anxiety.” It turns out these concepts, which he applied to organizational change and growth throughout the course of his career, can […]


How to Land an Out-of-State Job

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Landing an out-of-state job requires you to make just as good a first impression as if you were applying and interviewing in the flesh. So how can you make a great impression from another city, state, or timezone? Here’s what worked for me: Share why you feel connected to the location In drafting cover letters, […]


Getting Interviews But No Job Offers? 3 Things That May Be Going On

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One of the most frustrating parts of looking for a job is making it to the interview stage, but never quite moving on to the actual offer. You know you must be doing something right to get the interviews, but then why aren’t you getting the job? If this situation sounds familiar, take a break […]


Try Using These Words to Get Your Resume Noticed

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Everyone wants their resume to stand out from the crowd. While your job-specific skills are the most important factor, how you describe those skills matters. Thoughtful, powerful word choice can turn a good resume into a great one. And strong descriptions of work experience—descriptions that catch a recruiter’s eye—start with action verbs. Why Use Action […]