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Feeling the Strain of Compassion Fatigue? Try Journaling


Thanks to a renewed focus on health and mindfulness in the workplace, self-care is finally having its moment. More nonprofits are offering remote work options or flexible schedules. There’s even onsite meditation, yoga, and fitness classes for time-strapped professionals looking to break a sweat (or take a breather) without leaving the office. But changemakers and […]


Write it Down, Make it Happen | 3 Journaling Habits to Help Your Career

woman writing

If you’re aspiring to start a journaling practice, there are myriad benefits to what can be a quick 5-15 minute activity. In addition to waking up your more creative side, keeping a journal to track your professional goals may also help you to increase personal and professional accountability, focus, and goal awareness. Try one of […]


The impact of keeping a career journal [Video]

I’m an on-again-off-again journaler; it’s one of those things that could be beneficial but is so easy to forget about. However, this video from the 99U conference on creativity, researcher Teresa Amabile explains how keeping a career journal can help unlock happiness at work and offers some easy steps for committing to it. Video: Track […]