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How to Carve Out Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership

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Leaders can be those among us with a real talent for inspiring people, or those who lead by example—showing up every day and doing a great job without much fanfare. They can be found brainstorming solutions to social issues, testing out new ways to engage others to join them in their work, or simply mentoring […]


What you read shapes how you lead

The old adage, “you are what you eat” isn’t just true for food, but for the content you read. What you read influences your mindset and worldview.


Want to grow as a leader? 3 tips to keep in mind

We’ve turned our attention to Colorado this month, and have already shared ways senior volunteers are giving back to their community and how organizations in the state are making a difference. Below is advice from Dan Condon, associate director professional development at Eagle Rock School on how to grow as a leader. Read more Colorado […]


Developing nonprofit leaders: Easier said than done?

There are lots of theories about how to develop leaders across the nonprofit sector. But who’s putting those theories into practice, and are younger nonprofit professionals optimistic about their implementation? This month our HRConnections newsletter features a piece from Trish Tchume, National Director of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN). Trish explains that YNPN’s most […]