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Closing the Racial Leadership Gap, Part 2

Board room table and chairs

In the first part of this series, we looked at how nonprofit staff and leaders can create a more inclusive culture. Now, we will dive into key strategies nonprofit leadership can use to make the hiring and promotion process more equitable. Diversity training An important step an organization can take is to require that executive […]


Social Impact of an Arts Organization: How One Idealist Does It

As an artist building a career both in the arts world and the nonprofit/social impact sphere, I was curious what other creative types do when they feel a similar need to pursue a life of artistry, advocacy, and community. During a performance opportunity I had this Spring, I routinely bumped into Joseph Hall, Deputy Director […]


Unexpected Lessons from the USS Enterprise: How Star Trek Taught Me About Leadership

Please forgive my burgeoning Trekkie cheesiness, but without a Prime Directive, how else can leaders inspire people to boldly go where no man has gone before?


Ready to Lead? How to Pitch it to Your Boss!

If you find your appetite for more opportunities at work has sharpened, you can avoid a negative response by following these guidelines.