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What to Do If Your Job Description is Changing


Change is inevitable. But no matter how many cliches or well-known quotes you’ve heard about change, facing change at your job can still be a stressful experience—especially when the change involves your job responsibilities or your role at the organization. If this happens to you, your first instinct may be to freak out and start […]


3 Times it’s Okay to Say No at Work

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“No” is one of the most common first words for English-speaking babies. But as working adults, it can be one of the hardest things to say—especially at the office. “No” doesn’t have to be a scary word. It can be empowering. And sometimes, it’s the right thing to say. But aside from the obvious deal-breakers […]


Managing Up | A How-to Guide

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You have a new job, or a new manager and something isn’t working. You and your boss aren’t seeing eye to eye and you’re starting to get frustrated, or worse, you’re starting to check out. Your questions are left floating and you can’t seem to get a meeting. While you may love your organization, you’re […]


4 Tips for Managing Your Managers

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Most of us have seen it. That famous opening scene in “Office Space” where our workplace hero receives three passive-aggressive redirects from three different managers, regarding an administrative mistake. This is a familiar scenario playing out in nonprofit offices across the country. When senior management teams are overwhelmed, often, one hand doesn’t know what the […]