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Want to be a Mentor? Here’s How | Part 1

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Anyone lucky enough to have a good professional mentor knows how much a mentee can benefit from this kind of connection. But what you may not know are all the ways in which a mentor is bound to benefit from the relationship as well. Mentoring at its best gives both parties, mentor and mentee, tools […]


Why You Need a Personal Board of Directors


In this wild world of professional development, cover letters, advanced degrees, and interviews, it would be pretty nice to have your own little team of trusted experts ready to be your career sounding board when you need it, right? If this sounds good to you, then we’d suggest you consider organizing your own personal board […]


3 Ways to Build Mentorship into Your Career


Regardless of where you are in your career, mentorship can play a pivotal role in helping you to feel motivated and engaged with your work on a daily basis. What many social-impact professionals don’t often realize is that mentorship doesn’t need to come in the more traditional form of a senior-level manager guiding an entry-level employee. […]


Advice for First Generation Graduate School Students

The idea of graduate school can be daunting. How do I know this is the right school/degree/step for me? How can I afford this? Are the rumors true about the workload? These are questions that every prospective graduate student must face, but may lead to unique concerns for anyone who feels they are out of […]