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Feeling the Strain of Compassion Fatigue? Try Journaling


Thanks to a renewed focus on health and mindfulness in the workplace, self-care is finally having its moment. More nonprofits are offering remote work options or flexible schedules. There’s even onsite meditation, yoga, and fitness classes for time-strapped professionals looking to break a sweat (or take a breather) without leaving the office. But changemakers and […]


5 Self-Care Strategies for Care Professionals

People who are motivated to actively seek out opportunities in the social impact sector are those who feel a need to make a difference in their world. This often means pursuing roles that involve being in the service of, or caring for, others. Care professionals are those who are in roles that involve direct interactions […]


Without Judgement: How Mindfulness Leads to Being More Open-Minded

Keeping an open mind, even for the most free-spirited among us, is harder than it sounds. By bringing a little mindfulness to the process, you can cultivate a flexibility and openness that will benefit you in all areas of life.


On Purpose: How Mindfulness Helps You Work With Intention

By uncovering what motivates you and applying purpose to your work, you can really start to understand how best to turn your values into action.