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5 Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Find Your Dream Job

social media dream job

Maybe you are looking for a job in a different state, or perhaps you are trying to break into nonprofits after a career in another field. Whatever the end goal, searching for a job in an area where you have little to no existing network can be tough. But with a little research and some […]


Template Toolbox | 2 Email Templates for Networking

Woman typing

When it comes to growing your network, learning about new organizations, and ultimately landing a dream job, you’ll likely rely on email to find opportunities. In the first post in this two-part series you’ll find two email templates that can help you meet new people and find job opportunities. Use these templates to take the […]


So You’ve Got the Job, Now What? Part 3: Maintaining a Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Welcome to the final part of this three-part series digging into the details of how to keep on growing once you’ve landed and started the job. So, you’ve become all you can be for your organization. You are now an ambassador, advocate, an agent of (and for) change, and an all around contributor to a […]


4 Ways to Make the Most of Unemployment

Hand writing a to-do list

It’s easy to get down on yourself during unemployment. Hunting for a new job and having more free time than you’re used to can both be big adjustments, but being let go can be a good thing. But, if you use your time strategically, the period of unemployment may help you shape your career into […]