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4 Myths About Nonprofit Careers to Dispel

This episode of Career Happy Hour was dedicated to “The Truth Behind Nonprofit Careers” in which Victoria dispels myths about working in the nonprofit sector.


“I didn’t go into this to get rich, but I do need to pay the bills.” Managing your money in the nonprofit sector

It’s like the dirty underwear in the non-profit closet – many of us don’t even get paid enough to keep out of the same programs they are running/designing/fundraising for/doing every darn thing that needs to be done for.


Social media marketing, job satisfaction, and “economic bullying”: What happened this week?

Here’s a roundup of what’s buzzing in the social sector this week. Read these: If nonprofits pay some people unfair salaries and rely on free labor, is it a form of “economic bullying”? The Chronicle of Philanthropy discusses this issue with Professor John Tropman. Click through to this interactive website to see how nonprofits are […]