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New Job? Here’s How to Read Your Organization’s Culture

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In your first few weeks at a new job, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about HR policies, workflow expectations, and priorities (hopefully). But one thing you probably won’t get a handle on quite as quickly is your new organization’s culture. You won’t learn it from reading a memo, and a misunderstanding […]


How to Manage a Workplace Bully


There was probably a bully or two in your elementary school. Maybe they stole lunches or called people names. In high school, perhaps they spread rumors or got into physical altercations with fellow students. But now that you are an adult, all the bullies have grown out of their bad behavior, right? Unfortunately, experts say […]


Difficult Personalities at Work: Is it Me, or Them?

difficult personality

Do you wake up every work day feeling as if you’re gearing up to go to battle? If you find yourself suiting up in what feels like a protective layer of armor or struggling to stake out your territory, you’re likely entrenched in a workplace relationship with a difficult personality. More importantly, you’re expending energy […]


4 Tips for Getting Your Work Emails Read and Answered

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With emails streaming into our inboxes at an average of 12 emails every hour of the work day, it’s understandable that a few will slip through the cracks. But if you feel like you’re not getting the responses you need from most of the emails you send to colleagues, it might have something to do […]