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Open Thread | What’s Your 2019 Career Resolution?

As winter really kicks it into high gear (unless, of course, you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and just settling into summer, in which case, please take me with you!), it seems that New Year’s resolution season is upon us again! And as you may have come to realize over the years, making a commitment to […]


Open Thread | What Motivates You?

pen and notebook

Is it the mission of your organization that gets you out of bed each morning? Your incredible colleagues? Salary? Benefits? The promise of coffee in the lunchroom? We want to know what keeps you going There’s a big misconception out there that social-impact professionals are fueled strictly by the idea of “the greater good” above […]


Open Thread | How Do You Interpret “Casual Workplace”?


Long gone are the days when we can safely assume that pantyhose, suit and tie, or a briefcase are a regular part of a workplace dress code, and many nonprofits seem to be on board with this change in practice. We want to know how you’re navigate the changing landscape of office dress codes. If […]


Open Thread | What’s Your Take on Video Interviews?

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Considering the rate at which technology advances these days, it’s no wonder that everything from dating and shopping to volunteering and job interviews happen online, too. As we continue to find new and “better” ways to complete our day-to-day tasks, expect that the job application and interview processes, as well as the job that you’ll […]