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Open Thread | Have You Ever Had Volunteer Work that Led to a Paid Job?

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Here at Idealist, we’re big proponents of getting as much as possible out of a volunteer assignment. There are plenty of ways volunteering can be a two-way street and we encourage our community of social-impact professionals to not only contribute their time, passion, and skills to causes that resonate, but to look for ways that the […]


Ask Victoria | Reader Response and Open Thread

When I reached out to Victoria to let her know we’d be publishing her letter, she replied with a couple of other ideas she wanted to share. I invite you all to try out these two suggestions and see how things shift in your job search.


Should You Resend Your Application If You Notice A Mistake?

You made a mistake in your application…do you resend or just let it go? Some of us at Idealist were pretty split on this. What would you do?


Open thread: Is it time for nonprofits to tackle unpaid internships?

Can recent grads afford to work in the nonprofit sector? Increasingly the answer is “no.”