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Passive Aggressive Behavior in the Office: How to Spot It, How to Stop It

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You’re having a conversation at work. It sounds normal enough, but something doesn’t feel right, and you can’t put your finger on what. Your colleague is telling you something without telling you something. They’re being passive aggressive. Passive aggression in the workplace can divert focus from the organization’s objectives and negatively impact office morale. Here […]


Gimme the Dirt: Ask These 4 Questions to Find out What it’s Really Like to Work Somewhere

What you really might want to ask is, “Could you just be honest and open and tell me what it’s really like to work here?


Should you go after that job? Tips for examining organizational culture and fit

An important part of examining a job is the culture of the organization: its values, work environment, diversity, and the other aspects that determine how things work and how it feels to be there.