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5 Ways to Boost Your Resume’s Exposure

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You want your resume to make an impact on the reader. You want the recruiter to read it and be blown away by your levels of experience and skills, and to want to find out more about you. But how do you make your resume work for you like that, highlighting the differences between you […]


Just Send Me Your Resume …

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“Oh, I know this guy…” “Let me show your resume to the head of operations….” “Here’s my email. I’ll forward your resume to my assistant to pass on to…” Do any of these phrases resonate? We all have them—parent’s friends, friend’s parents, the guy you used to babysit for—and they all really want to help […]


Your Number One Job Hopping Question Answered | Is It Okay?

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What does it mean to a hiring manager if they need a GPS to track your career? If you’ve given in to wanderlust more than once, and are prone to relocation, it’s likely your work history reflects these serial scene changes and you’re a job hopper. Fear not! You’re in good company. It’s so hot […]


7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

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I love spring! It’s my birthday season, I love my cute, pink, spring jacket, and I can feel and see nature blooming all around me. I also love any opportunity to get organized, tidy things up, and get both my physical space and my mind fresh and clean. And I don’t think I’m alone! Spring […]