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How Taking a Break Can Actually Boost Your Career

To get ahead, you have to keep forging ahead; or at least that’s what we’ve all been told time and time again. But the age-old credo doesn’t always apply in today’s less-traditional work world. Millennials entering the workforce are looking for dynamic co-working spaces, remote access opportunities, work life balance and major meaning on the […]


Before You Go | How to Prep for Your Leave of Absence


Are you itching to take an extended absence from work? Are you overwhelmed and attempting to beat your burnout? Are you preparing a nursery for your new precious arrival, or longing to visit a faraway land? No matter the inspiration, in order to take a leave of absence to do any of the above (and […]


How to Ask For That Much-Needed Sabbatical

Toy bus on a beach

Remember those summers you enjoyed as a kid sleeping in and spending the day in your pajamas? As you’re busy slogging through the daily 9 – 5 this summer, it may seem like those days are long gone. But with more nonprofit professionals taking sabbaticals, you maybe able to turn those memories into a reality. […]